Contractors must be made aware that no noisy work – drilling, banging etc will be permitted before 9am and after 5pm each week day. Contractors are permitted to work at weekends but must not engage in any noisy work at any time.  Leaseholders should always advise neighbours of any planned noisy work.

Contractors are only permitted to use the fire escape near the exit for access to upper level flats - not the main stairwell. The passenger lift is not to be used by contractors or for large goods or building materials and any damage caused by misuse will be recharged to the leaseholder concerned. It is the leaseholder’s responsibility to ensure that the contractor leaves no mess in the communal areas and car park. A trolley for use by contractors is available, but it must be returned to the bay at the top of the bridgeway after use and not retained outside flats for storage or future use.

If skips are required, arrangements must be made in advance with the Site Manager who will indicate where he wished it to be positioned. Skips should be removed as soon as possible and certainly no longer than 2 weeks.

Contractors are responsible for removing their own waste and should not use the OCRA bins. Storm drains are not to be used to dispose of waste paint materials. 

Contractors who act in an irresponsible manner will be refused access to the site.

The Site Manager will be able to assist with names of contractors who have previously worked on site. Contractors vehicles should be parked in the car park provided they only occupy one space and not on the driveways or unloading bay. If the car park is full they will be asked to park outside. Those refusing to accept this policy will not be allowed access to Ocean Court.

A Contractor’s Charter has been drawn up by OCRA and must be signed and dated by all contractors working at Ocean Court prior to any work being undertaken. All contractors must hold adequate insurance. 

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