OCRA Ltd Board of Directors



The Board consists of 7 leaseholder Directors selected for their wide-ranging interests, experience and diversity. They do however all have the same aim, to protect the investment in our property, your home.


The current board of Directors are:-

 Mike Dally – flat 61

Alan Knight – flat 18 – non resident

Chrissie Wooldridge – flat 13 - Chair

Chris May – flat 10  and 23 - non resident

Lewis Bowman - flat 41

Ann Griggs - flat 33 

OCRA Limited is run by a Board of volunteer Directors who give freely of their time to ensure the smooth management of the site.  Directors meet four times a year.  An Annual General Meeting is held in June each year. We are sometimes looking for new Directors to join the board. If you have lived at Ocean Court for 2 years you are eligible for consideration. Please contact the Chair or Company Secretary for details.