Letting your property

 There has been a letting procedure since 1999. It is similar to that used in other developments such as ours and it has worked successfully. It is not meant to stop people letting but reflects the fact that tenants sometimes cause more day to day problems than those who reside permanently at Ocean Court. The £125 fees, payable on change of tenants (not for renewing tenancies) is credited to the OCRA Limited service charge budget and is used to offset other management and maintenance costs, helping to ensure that service charges can be kept to the minimum. The scheme was last updated at the AGM in 2016. 

In the past year OCRA Limited staff have been involved in several incidents where additional work has been caused by the inadequacies of the letting agents in dealing with noise, leaks and dispute issues. Directors have agreed therefore that rather than increase the charge for all landlords, each letter written to a tenant, letting company or landlord will be invoiced to the landlord at a charge of £35 per letter. We would also point out that many tenants at Ocean Court live here, quietly and without interruption, causing us no additional work.

In addition, landlords are also requested to ensure that the initial “term certain” is for six months, ensuring that the tenant can be given the statutory 2 months notice after 1 month if there are a high amount of complaints about anti-social behaviour.

Letting policy

Before a flat can be placed in the hands of new tenants, the following documentation must be provided to OCRA Limited.

 A copy of two references - 1 financial and 1 character

A copy of the tenancy agreement to be used – please note that the initial term certain should be six months and not for longer

A signed copy of the OCRA Limited - Regulations to Users (extract of key clauses of the lease) – please see Your Lease page for details.

A £125 cheque payable to OCRA Limited.

The date of moving in must also be detailed along with any new telephone number. Please be aware that a change in telephone number will require a change to the operating software that controls entry to the security system. Therefore it is vital that we keep our contact lists up to date at all times.


OCRA Limited will then normally give permission by return and amend our occupancy list accordingly.   If tenants are found to have been given the keys, or move in prior to documentation being received and permission being granted, a £350 letting fee will be charged.

 If you use an agent for your letting, please make them aware of this policy including the restriction on the parking of vans or trade vehicles including taxis etc. 

Holiday lettings or bed and breakfast services are not permitted.